It Took Them More Than One Century to Build THIS


173 fountains. 37 gilded bronze statues. One great emperor. I am talking about the Peterhof Palace which is actually a series of palaces and gardens located in Petergof, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The palace-ensemble along with the city center is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now speaking about one great emperor: after Russian’s victory over Sweden Peter the Great (who is also a famous founder of Saint Petersburg) decided to build his summer residence as a triumphant victory monument.

This theme is found in all the fountains of Peterhof, but especially brightly it is visible on the Central fountain "Samson tearing the lion's mouth".

In a second Samson spends about 70 liters of water.

Another reason of the Palace is to make a place as beautiful as Versailles in France.

If you take a look on Versailles, you may understand that they are a little bit similar.


Photo by: chateauversailles

And yes, it took them more than one century to build this: from XVIII to XXth century.

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