10 Best and Worst Tips for Your Trip


There are millions of articles and posts on where we should travel, how and even why. Travel magazines and blogs give us endless advice, but Up&Up found out not all of them are useful for you. We read tons of tips and ready to present you the best ones. And the worst ones

1。Save money on bottled water and drink tap water instead
When Steve Jobs came to India he was said he could drink tap water in his hotel. He immediately got sick with dysentery and lost 15 kilograms of weight. There are countries where you officially can drink tap water, but don’t neglect your health.

2。Buy a local SIM
Usually it’s cheap and will save you a lot of trouble. We often buy some Internet traffic as well in order to use online maps, be in touch with relatives (all the time), use translator. And of course we need the Internet to post new articles and pictures on Up&Up ;) 

3。Don’t try foods you have never tried
 Please, don’t miss this chance to taste something new. You always can choose the best café or restaurant on the Internet. Even if it’s a problem, look for crowded places. Usually these are good restaurants. 

4。Try to be spontaneous
When it’s safe and suitable. Don’t rely only on your tour guide or on the main attractions. Once in a while go somewhere without a chosen direction, just rely on your intuition. We believe it’s a great way to see the real city. But again, try to be safe.

5。Don’t travel alone, especially if you are a woman
Fortunately, we live in the 21 century and a bunch of robbers won’t stop your coach somewhere in the road (at least we really hope so). Don’t be afraid of traveling alone. Just get out of your comfort zone and try to be safe. If traveling alone really worries you, you can say you have come to visit your friends or relatives. 

6。Instagram is also a great way to find unexpected attractions
We really like Instagram (check out our beautiful account @upandupmag) but not only for amazing pictures, but also for great ideas for your trips. Just google some Instagram accounts of the city or country you are going to and look for some unusual locations. Usually the best ones are in the accounts of real people living in this city. 

7。Don’t book hotels in advance. In order to choose the best one just walk and visit every hotel
Maybe it’s actually a good idea. For a parallel universe. By doing this you will spend most of your power and time looking for a suitable hotel and finally you will be stressed as some of them may be fully booked or too expensive. So book your hotel in advance. All in all, we truly believe that traveling is not about amazing hotels, but about amazing experience. 

8。Instead of hotels, try to book an apartment or a room
Sometimes it may be cheaper and the conditions may be even better. Some apartments may include fridges and small kitchens so that you can cook right there (and feel at home). Thus, you can save a lot of money!

9。You can rely only on GPS
And get stuck somewhere in the forest. 

10。Buy insurance
It’s not as expensive as your life. We promise you, it will make you feel much more confident while being in a foreign country. 

All the pictures are taken on Tumblr and belong to their respective owners. If it's your picture, please contact us and we will credit it.

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