- 22:09:00

Feeling Tired? Want to Do Nothing All Day? This Post is for You!

Sometimes you don’t really want to do anything at all. One thought of leaving your bed makes you wanna cry. You procrastinate, eat junk fo...

UP&UP BACKSTAGE - 20:48:00

Up&Up Backstage (October 2016): New Start, We on YouTube and Jazz Festivals

It’s Anna (you can read about me here ) and I am a chief editor of Up&Up. To be honest, don’t really see myself as a “ch...

- 21:27:00

What is going on with Up&Up?

If you haven’t noticed any new posts here, that’s alright… And there’s a reason for it. Up&Up was conceived as a magazine ...

JAPAN - 21:30:00

Interview with Holly (kingy0hanabi) About Japan, Making Dreams Come True and Creating Amazing Content.

If you are a student, you might have seen Holly’s blog on Tumblr, as there she shares her studying techniques, her progress and answers v...

LANGUAGES - 22:22:00

My Story of Learning 4 Languages Myself

Anastasia is a real polyglot. She learns 4 languages and her level of all of them is already quite high. The most interesting thing is tha...

FRANCE - 23:59:00

We Made a Guide Through Nice. A Movie Guide.

Once we had an article, called " A Guide for People Who Don’t Like Guides ", which was devoted to Venice and it was written in s...

INTERVIEW - 17:06:00

Interview With Tatiana Kozak: About Moving to New York, Becoming a Photographer and Changing a Career Path

Tatiana is originally from Odessa, a wonderful port city in Ukraine. A few years ago she came to the U.S. to study English. She fell in lo...


10 Best and Worst Tips for Your Trip

There are millions of articles and posts on where we should travel, how and even why. Travel magazines and blogs give us endless advice, b...

RUSSIA - 08:00:00

It Took Them More Than One Century to Build THIS

173 fountains. 37 gilded bronze statues. One great emperor. I am talking about the Peterhof Palace which is actually a series of palaces a...



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