What is going on with Up&Up?


If you haven’t noticed any new posts here, that’s alright…

And there’s a reason for it.

Up&Up was conceived as a magazine about traveling and traveling only. You may see that all of our topics are connected with this subject: travel tips, interviews, foreign languages, guides and so on. Nevertheless, life doesn’t consist only of exploring various countries and cultures, so we don’t want to write ONLY about it.

And we decided to try something new

Since October we want to “refresh” Up&Up. We are not going to change everything, but still something has to be changed. First and foremost, we want to switch from “a magazine only about traveling and everything related to it” to “a lifestyle magazine”. We really want to talk more about some things which really interest us: blogging tips, education, fun, productivity and so on. We know that you really like interviews with various people and we are going to introduce you interesting people from absolutely different spheres of life. All in all, we just need more of freedom and we really hope you will understand us :)

No more travel posts?

Wrong! We will go on posting articles about countries and great destinations. And language tricks as well. It still will be one of the main topics on Up&Up.

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