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5 Crazy Saint Petersburg Cafes


If you are hungry, don’t read this article, because this article is all about good food and cool places we found in Saint Petersburg. The cafes in this article are so amazing, that even if you are not going to visit Saint Petersburg in the nearest time, you’d better to take a look (at least because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow). But let’s be serious: where in the world you can taste Ciccolina? Or Shaquille O'Neal? In what cafe’s toilet you can find a real toothbrush and a toothpaste? Or start drawing right on the tablecloth? What about a big panel picture made of moss? And of course, don’t forget about great food.

A very hipster place with good coffee, croissants and DJ-sets. The creators say: “Our attitude to the work can be compared with the way a music lover loves his vinyl collection”.

Saint Petersburg was built on a marshland and here you can try a cup of a swampy coffee. Just kidding. It’s tea.

Remember a picture made of moss? Here it is! It’s huge, green and soft.

California? Hawaii? Saint Petersburg! Surf Coffee is a very small, but an incredibly cozy café. Details here make sense. Coffee here is wonderful as well.

By the way, if you want to clean your teeth, go for it. Don’t forget to take a selfie with “Mirror slave” …and yes, there are stickers instead of toilet paper.

The best pizza in Saint Petersburg is here (at least in our opinion). All the dishes here are cooked by Italians and some of the staff members are also Italians. You can ask: what can be crazy about this place? I suppose the fact that this place is often very busy. Sometimes it’s impossible to find an empty place.

Okay, another fact is that they have a spaghetti, called “Vodka”. It’s as spicy as delicious and, of course, has vodka.

And how can we miss a delicious ice cream?

Pif-Paf (Пиф-Паф)
Is actually a bar. And a barbershop. But they have amazing burgers and a very friendly atmosphere.

Many interesting things can be said about this place, but what can be cooler than a burger made of a marbled beef, a sauce of black currant, Gorgonzola cheese, a bun with cuttlefish ink, called Ciccolina? Here you can also taste Chukotka, Shaquille O'Neal and Tokyo.

Café Runinstain is so luxury that looks more like a restaurant. The design is not complicated: white walls, bottles of wine, mirrors, but all together looks like a masterpiece.

We came here just for a cup of coffee, which was great, but people say that food there is delicious.

On the tables there are white sheets of paper and pencils, so you can draw something.

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