Another Moscow: tallest towers in Europe?


In early 90-s Moscow started to develop greatly and eternally increased its pace of development. That is why The Government of Moscow decided to create in Moscow an active integrated area combining business, leisure and residence for home and international businessmen – Moscow International Business Center “Moscow-City” which pretends to be the most large-scale project in Europe.

MIBC (Moscow International Business Center) is located in Presnensky District and includes 6 skyscrapers with maximum height of 300 meters or more. For instance, Shanghai has 5, Hong Kong has 6, Chicago has 6 and New York has 7. One of the tallest buildings in Europe is also a MIBC tower, called Federation Tower. MIBS also includes a complex of towers, symbolizing Moscow and St. Petersburg, which is called “The City of Capitals”.
Since the begging of construction has passed four changes of the President, few economic crises, another Olympic game in Russia and so on. Nevertheless, the buildings are still growing to the top and on breadth.
Here you can find not only offices, but literally everything: from shopping malls to gyms and restaurants. It is also possible to buy an apartment there but the prices, of course, are relevant.
No doubt, it’s very interesting to walk there, sometimes raising my head up in order to get a better look on this monument of human power (but, please, don’t peer too long as some explorers as you may forget to look around and not to notice you). This is a perfect place to get acquainted with a piece of New York-Hong Kong-Singapore world.
As in any other CBD people here are always searching for coffee, nervously smoking while discussing a new project, use taxies (or some very-very luxurious cars) to come home, put on the best clothes they can find and, of course, never leave their mobile phones longer than for a minute (right time to buy a latte).

To be honest, when I was collecting some data for this article, I drowned in it. To be more concrete, in the amount of negative information. Russians, and especially Muscovites, despise the skyscrapers, claiming that they disfigure the city. Some dislike “Moscow City” due to the amount of traffic jams it has become a reason to, some due to the amount of money it cost the government and, of course, everyone blames the prices of rent. You can hear various reasons and at least half of them would be at least unreasonable. Meanwhile, “Moscow City” keeps on being one of the most noticeable point in the capital, mirroring all the complaints with its the glass.

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