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3 Outstanding Museums in Shanghai


Let's be honest: museums are cool, but sometimes they can be boring as hell. Moreover, some of modern art can make us feel like we came to a wrong place (or planet). This is absolutely not about those three museums I am going to tell you about. All of them are in Shanghai and all of them are amazing.

China Art Museum
Just look at this. Isn’t it outstanding? In 2010 it was the most expensive pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. The architects took inspiration from the Chinese corbel bracket and … from ancient bronze cauldron.

China Art Museum mostly contains Chinese modern art, which looks not 
only interesting, but also understandable for an unprepared visitor. So, the museum is user-friendly, as we like.

But it’s not only about the art, but also about the construction and the design. Inside the museum you get by an elevator, in the museum it’s hard to get lost and in addition to everything you can take photos. Everywhere.

There are more than 1,400 art works. If you see 4 pieces in 1 minute, you will need at least 5 hours for a visit.
And do you know what is the best thing about it? It’s free.

Shanghai Natural History Museum
This is literally the best museum I have been to (and I have been to many). It took me 5 hours to explore all the great features of it and I will tell you why.

Photo by: archdaily

The design of the building is astonishing itself. No wonder, as it was built by a famous American architecture and design firm.

No words, just look at these photos.

Huge dinosaurs (which are moving), panoramic films, online updating data (e.g. How many people were born today?), wonderful installations and a very cute gift shop.

This is the way a museum should look like.

Shanghai Museum
Okay, if you have a chance of visiting only one museum in Shanghai, go to this one. Shanghai Museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art, situated almost in the very center of the city. It is considered one of China’s first world-class museums. 

Doesn’t this ladder look magnificent?

The Museum presents an impressive collection of bronzes. There are 400 exhibits of this kind. This metal has always been specially valued in China. By the way, here is one of the three "transparent" bronze mirror from the Ming dynasty.

 The galleries have the best examples of Chinese painting and calligraphy, there is also a hall with Chinese furniture of the highest quality.

All in all, this museum has everything a tourist in China dreams of. 

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