10 Phenomenal Things To Do in Shanghai


Shanghai can be called in different ways: "The Pearl of the Orient", "Asian New York" and even "Chinese Paris". If you go to China, you definitely should visit this modern city. We made a list of the things you have to try out

1。Feel like a celebrity while taking pictures on the Bund
The Bund is one of the most recognizable architectural symbols of Shanghai. In 1846 the first British company opened an office there. Later Shanghai had a trend of being a city with a large foreign presence. The Bund has become a symbol of elegance and success.

Not only foreign tourists come here to enjoy the beauty, but also Chinese people from various cities and towns. Some of them can ask you to take a photo with them, so don’t deny and enjoy this moment of "fame" ;)

2。Try Tai chi with local pensioners
Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Early in the morning, at about 5 am, Chinese pensioners go to parks and squares and start practicing Tai Chi. And they do it every day. Tai Chi seems to be quite easy to do, but actually it’s not true. So why not to try? After that you can join some dancing pairs! 

3。Take a walk in the streets full of traditional Chinese architecture and don’t forget about Yu Garden
Nanshi District is a colorful and noisy place with traditional Chinese architecture. Here you can see old buildings, which were built in XV century, part of the wall, which protected the place from attacks and lots of narrow streets. In the center of Nanshi is located an old bazaar and Chinese shops, where you can buy some antiques.

“Yuyuan” can be translated as “Garden of Happiness”. Built during The Ming Dynasty (400 years ago), it has wonderful views, beautiful Chinese buildings and atmosphere of peace.

4。Get from Pudong New District to Puxi Area by river ferry
It’s a great way not only to take amazing pictures, but also to enjoy the beauty of magnificent skyscrapers, splashing river and fresh wind. Right now, there about 40 ferry stations along both sides of the Huangpu river. This small trip will cost you from 0,5 CNY to 1,5 CNY depending on a ferryboat.

5。Buy an enormous dumpling for a penny
While enjoying hustling and bustling Shanghai don’t forget to eat. At least buy this super enormous dumpling for one 1 CNY and enjoy this product of Chinese street food. Just be careful, it has a broth which can spill on your clothes. 

6。Feel on the bottom of the ocean
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is considered to be one of the most beautiful aquariums in the world. Walk through the aquarium is a real adventure. You stand on the stairs of the escalator and descend to the first hall. Here you can see lots of fish (there are about 450 species) from small to very huge ones. And they will swim around you and above you. The price may seem a bit too high – 160 CNY, but if you have never been in such kind of place, it definitely worth it. 
Hey, guys

7。Buy postcards for friends in French quarter
French quarter is a part of the city, which used to be occupied by French concession. Many consider this area to be one of the most romantic and unusual places in Shanghai. Old-looking building with remind classic European quarter. All the buildings saved its original features. The old brick walls, doors, paving stones on narrow lanes, overhanging balconies – all this creates a vibrant atmosphere.

Near the intersection with Shanxi Nan Lu is located Xiangyang - one of the most famous markets of Shanghai (Xiangyang Lu Shichang). Here you can buy almost everything souvenirs, clothes and shoes of famous brands. Don’t forget to bargain!

8。See Shanghai after sunset
Try to save some energy for the evening, as Shanghai is absolutely amazing at dark. Go to the center and see all those massive skyscrapers sparking with different colors. 

9。Participate in tea ceremony
How can one come to China and not try great Chinese tea? You will not only try various kinds of tea, but also smell them and enjoy the way it is served. After the ceremony, you can buy one of them.

10。See the whole Shanghai from the height of bird flight
To do this you have to catch a cloudless day and go to Shanghai World Financial Center (also known as “bottle opener”). Ticket costs 120CNY. Take a lot of pictures and enjoy incredible views!

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